Instagram has experienced explosive growth over the past week. Coinciding with its rise in popularity, several Instagram memes have begun popping up around the Internet.

Boobstagram, a Tumblr site dedicated to Instagram photos of women's breasts, is the latest to hit the Web. The site aims to raise awareness about breast cancer by posting an endless stream of photos featuring busty bosoms.

Boobstagram appears to have been started by two men, Julien GLT and Lionel Pourtau. The Facebook description of the blog, which was roughly translated for the purpose of this article, said, We cannot all be surgeons or oncologists, but we can all do our share for prevention, for ourselves, for our loved ones and others.

The war on breast cancer has gone on for many years, and the progress is real, but compared to other diseases, it can seem slow despite the huge financial and human resources that soceity has dedicated to the cause, wrote the founders. In France, about 10 percent of the health budget touches these 350,000 people with breast cancer, and nearly 150,000 will die.

Showing your breasts on the Web is good, read the tagline of the site, which has also been roughly translated for the purpose of this article. Showing them to a doctor is better.

Boobstagram has Facebook and Twitter accounts for those who are interested. Here is a small taste of what the site has been posting.