A bride in London had to hitchhike to her wedding after missing a cab ride to the church. The bride's was captured on video, which soon went viral on TikTok.

Marksteen Adamson, the generous stranger who saved Anastasia Medvedskaya's big day, recorded the dramatic ordeal, and posted it on the social media platform, the New York Post reported. It has received over 730,000 views.

Adamson was on his way to meet his friends, driving through one of London's streets, when he saw Medvedskaya -- dressed in a white gown with a flower crown on her head and a veil. She appeared "lost and embarrassed," and was standing in a public crossing, he said in the caption of the video. It was not clear when the incident took place.

Medvedskaya signaled him to stop his car and requested a ride to the church, where she was scheduled to get married. Adamson didn't hesitate and told the bride and two people accompanying her to the wedding party to jump into his Land Rover and proceeded to the chapel.

"It turns out that she and her bridesmaids had been trying to order Uber cabs but three cabs had canceled at the last minute and she was 45 minutes late for church," Adamson said in the video reposted by CNN, "The bride was dressed like a boho dream straight from the 70s and she went on to do something that was very normal in that decade too—hitchhiked her way."

Some viewers criticized the bride for demanding Adamson to "hurry up," claiming she didn't sound appreciative enough. Adamson said it was natural for her to react that way, having the entire church waiting for her, Action News 5 reported.

"I heard the sound of the organ ring out after I dropped her off and knew everything was going to be alright," Adamson said, "It was a lovely sunny day."

The viewers were awestruck by the whole experience, and compared it to a romantic comedy movie.

This bride's savior won the viewers' hearts, with many social media users praising Adamson for helping the woman get to her wedding on time.

Bride dressed to perfection, poses in the golden lights filled street Image by Dmitry Rodionov/Pixabay