Casey Anthony, the Orlando mother who was acquitted in the murder of her 2-year-old daughter, might be living in a church complex in Palm City, Fla., and getting help from a pastor there, the Daily Beast reported.

Steve Camp, the pastor who is helping the 25-year-old mom, has refused to talk about the rumors of Anthony hiding in the church.

A CBS12 video footage shows a blonde woman with a bob haircut is seen walking near a window. The blonde and bob haircut look is very similar to Anthony's new look that appeared in her video dairy last month.

According to the reports, the pastor has allowed Anthony to live there and he is also offering her some spiritual guidance. Also it is said that an investigator of Anthony's legal team is reportedly a member of the church.

When a Daily Beast reporter went to the church to speak with the pastor, she was asked to leave the church.

The pastor says he'll call you later, goodbye, one church member told the Daily Beast reporter.

Churchgoers and neighbors told WPBF-TV that they had seen Anthony living in the church complex and she was also seen playing basketball occasionally.

Yeah, well, she had her face covered up like this, Lindy Reeves told WPBF-TV. We already knew it was her when they brought her out. But she had her face covered up, and then she took her hand down for a second, so we got a second of a glimpse.

Residents near the Cross Church of Palm City are worried and concerned about Anthony's living in the church because it has a school and also there is one elementary school near the church.

I don't like it at all, Reeves told the TV station. I have kids and she's right here near a school and it's ridiculous.

Residents were spotted near the church with a sign reading Casey Anthony you aren't wanted here, Click Orlando news reported.

Anthony's location after the acquittal has been kept secret from the public. She is serving a year's probation in Orlando for check fraud charges.

Earlier in August, Anthony was spotted hanging in Ohio, wearing an Ohio State University ballcap and glasses, shopping dresses at a local Old Navy store in Ohio.