Casey Anthony is back in Florida for a year of probation -- but not because of her daughter Caylee's death.

The woman who became infamous for partying after her daughter disappeared in 2008 and lying to investigators is now readying to serve a year-and-a-half-old probation sentence for check fraud.

In July 2008, just a month after Caylee died, Anthony stole a set of checks from her friend, Amy Huizenga, and used them to buy several hundred dollars' worth of clothes and groceries. She pleaded guilty to fraud and was sentenced to a year's probation in January 2010 -- but she got a reprieve from serving it while her murder trial was pending. Now her lawyers argue that she served her time before her acquittal this July, and that making her complete another year of probation would constitute double jeopardy, but a Florida appeals court disagreed.

That ruling brought Anthony back to a state where she is perhaps the most hated woman around. She maintains that her daughter drowned accidentally and that she panicked and hid the evidence; prosecutors alleged that she killed and bound Caylee with chloroform and duct tape. Anthony was acquitted of murder and of all charges related to her daughter's death except for lying to investigators, but many onlookers continue to believe she is guilty. She has received death threats here, and she fled to an undisclosed location upon her release from prison this summer. Now that she's returned, probation officials said they would continue to keep her whereabouts within the state secret as a safety precaution.