Casey Anthony
Casey Anthony Reuters

Casey Anthony, who was acquitted of murder charges of her 2-year-old daughter Caylee, just missed a near-death scenario recently.

Half of the nation got enraged when Casey, 25, was acquitted and released from jail July 17. Many believed she was guilty and were unhappy with the verdict and she received many threatening emails.

Casey's whereabouts were not made public for fear of threats to her life and her security was tightened.

However, despite all the measures taken by her security team, a man allegedly located her hideout and stuck a death warrant to her door saying: 'I know where you are, I'm coming to put a bullet through your brain,' Daily Mail reported The National Enquirer as reporting.

The threatening message was pinned to the door and caused the bodyguards to panic. The security assumed threat to Casey's life if she stepped outside the house.

A few days later, the man fired at her in the middle of the night. Her bodyguards could pull her out of the firing line and whisk her to an emergency hideout before the man 'put a bullet through her brain,' the report said.

'There are plenty of people who want to kill Casey because they believe she got away with murdering little Caylee. Her bodyguards rushed her off in the middle of the night to another safe house a prearranged safe hideout that was available in the event of such an emergency, the Enquirer quoted a source as saying.