A Chinese father has sparked a backlash of outrage after forcing his nearly naked 4-year-old son to race around in the New York snow even while the boy pleads for him to stop, according to the New York Post. The video which has been made available online shows the little boy running around in the snow in nothing but a pair of shoes and yellow underwear. The child begs his father, 44-year-old He Liesheng, to pick him up but dad just keeps pushing him to run even more.

The man, who is from Nanjing, China, shot the video during a vacation in New York. He believes that his eagle dad approach to raising his child will toughen up the youngster who was born prematurely. When the old eagle teaches its young, it takes the young eagles to the cliffside, beats them, and pushes them to teach them to use their wings, Liesheng told a Chinese newspaper.

Angry viewers have responded to Liesheng by furiously posting comments on the video, criticizing his torturous parenting philosophy and demanding his imprisonment.