Rihanna and Chris Brown
The Rihanna and Chris Brown rumors continue but this time sources have told the media that the "Birthday Cake" singer has warned that no one can keep her away from her ex. Rihanna is reportedly rebelling against Jay-Z and her management company, which has reportedly banned her from seeing Brown, fears that she might secretly record an album with Brown. REUTERS

According to Star Magazine the two Hip Hop stars will be tying the knot, according to two separate friends of Rihanna confirmed the news. That is if there friends, family and fans can't stop them first, and if Chris Brown doesn't end up arrested and in Florida jail for stealing a woman's iPhone after she snapped a photo of him leaving a Miami club.

MediaTakeOut reported that the tabloid claims that Brown proposed in November, but [Rihanna] said she wasn't ready... But she finally accepted the proposal in late February. She's not wearing a ring until they can announce it at an engagement party, but Rihanna's aleady told her friend and family that she's engaged.

Star Magazine also reported that Rihann's mentor Jay-Z is furious at the news, but we already knew that.

The Brooklyn-born rapper has reason to be dissapointed. After Chris Brown effectively ended his relationship with Rihanna three years ago by repeatdely punching her with one hand while driving his car with the other, RiRi turned to Jay-Z for solace and support. He still hasn't forgiven Brown, and reportedly refused to clap after the singer-rapper-dancer's Grammy performance. Brown's performance that night earned him a wave of criticism, which he defiantly rebuked.

The controversial couple are also reportedly planning a secret Mexican getaway to re-spark their romance. It sounds like this trip may turn out to be a honeymoon if the possibly engaged couple ties gets married some time soon.

In the meantime Brown is facing possible charges from the Miami Attorney's office over his iPhone snatch and grab. The Flordia authorities have been dragging their feet, but apparently they've got the phone in question in their possession and are currently attempting to find Brown's fingerprints on it. At the same time, Rihanna has been engaging in an all-out Internet war with Brown's current girlfriend, Karrueche.