Rihanna and Chris Brown Back Together: RiRi Moving To London To Escape Breezy?
It looks like Rihanna may have finally had enough when it comes to Chris Brown and the drama surrounding their much criticized on-again-off-again relationship. Now it turns out that the R&B star will be retreating to London for the summer where she's lined up a few concerts and is overseeing a new reality show, far away from Chris Brown and his current girlfriend Karrueche Tran. Reuters

Much to the dismay of her fans and friends, Hip Hop star Rihanna has been dropping hints in her music and tweets that she may be reuniting with her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown, who was arrested for physically abusing her three years ago while the two were romantically involved. He has been on probation ever since.

A good amount of criticism for the two musicians has come from Twitter, where fans can speak out directly to celebrities and popular messages are quickly amplified and then classified as trending subjects on a global or national scale.

On Saturday, March 3, Twitter users took to the social media website to express their opinions on Chris Brown and Rihanna, under the banner If Chris Brown was my teacher.... While the bulk of the posts criticized Brown for his notorious temper and history of domestic abuse, some Twitter users took the opportunity to praise the singer-rapper-dancer, demonstrating that there is still a contingent of mostly female fans who unfortunately choose to look past Brown's unsavory past and instead pledge their love for the artist based on his good looks and dance moves.

Here are some of the best tweets that used the hash-tag #IfChrisBrownWasOurTeacher.


@PimpBillClinton: #IfChrisBrownWasOurTeacher We wouldn't hit the books, the books would hit US.

@AndyPicarro: #IfChrisBrownWasOurTeacher we would all learn how to properly defend ourselves vs someone 1/3 our body weight.

@melidance22: #IfChrisBrownWasOurTeacher : If he was my RE teacher.... Imagine the debates we would have in class. Would you or would u not hit a girl?!?!

@ByUs_PhyuckYiu: #IfChrisBrownWasOurTeacher it'd be slap a hoe Monday ,punch a hoe Tuesday, kick a hoe wed ,stump a hoe Thursday and Combination Friday!!

https://twitter.com/#!/lucwhiteeee: #IfChrisBrownWasOurTeacher he would be in prison for hitting us all

@AverageCynic : #IfChrisBrownWasOurTeacher I would be arrested for repeatedly hitting the teacher over the head with the heaviest textbook I could find.

@MShadows17: #IfChrisBrownWasOurTeacher we'd all major in assault and minor in battery.

@BlinkCarRacer: #IfChrisBrownWasOurTeacher there would be something seriously wrong with the education system

@TeamMollie: #IfChrisBrownWasOurTeacher we would be living in the victorian times were every pupil was beat.

@pikhupo: UM y'all don't understand that #ifchrisbrownwasourteacher we'd get hit, 'cause you know, he hits girls!!!!!!

@MisssKentucky: #IfChrisBrownWasOurTeacher all the females in class better not say anything to set him off..


@Mizzyazooo: #IfChrisBrownWasOurTeacher Chris: Kids, go grab some paper! Students: Look At Me NOW! I'm getting paper... Chris: I have taught you well :)

@nevaletitgo: #IfChrisBrownWasOurTeacher.... I would follow his every last move legit.... I will end up going home with him

@SwisherTypee: #IfChrisBrownWasOurTeacher i would NEVER miss a day of school ;) i would stay after for tutoring and everything ^_^

@Niinnaarr: #IfChrisBrownWasOurTeacher all the girls would have full attendance...

Chris Brown has been accused of stealing a woman's iPhone after she photographed him leaving a Miami club. The case of snatch and grab may land Breezy in jail, as it violates the conditions of his probation. However, the police claim that they are still looking into the matter and have yet to issue a warrant for his arrest. The police department recently stated that they would be interviewing Brown, or possibly his lawyer, in order to clear up the matter.