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On the four-year anniversary of "The Decision," LeBron James remains unsigned. Reuters

Longtime NBA reporter Chris Sheridan reported on Wednesday night that NBA superstar LeBron James would be returning to the Cleveland Cavaliers after playing four seasons with the Miami Heat.

James notoriously left his home state of Ohio in 2010 to team up with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami. He received heavy criticism for the way he handled his departure with “The Decision” to announce he was "taking [his] talents to South Beach."

Now he's a free agent for the second time in his career, and many have envisioned James returning to Cleveland with all transgressions forgiven.

Sheridan’s report, posted on his site Sheridan Hoops, said James informed Heat president Pat Riley during their meeting Wednesday that he would be returning to Cleveland, and called it one of the biggest days in the city's sports history.

Sheridan said James will return to the Cavs as a “successful, seasoned adult” hoping to bring the city its first pro championship in 50 years. He also said James would reveal his latest decision on his official website.

Sheridan’s contemporaries and former colleagues like Chris Broussard, however, countered soon after with reports saying James had not made a decision yet after his meeting with Riley.

Still, Sheridan was a bit too eager to further bolster his report, and retweeted a post from a fake Broussard Twitter account.

Sheridan tweet 1
IB Times/Greg Price

The retweet was quickly taken down from Sheridan’s Twitter timeline, but the damage was done, with fans calling him out for his mistake.

Sheridan tweet 2
IB Times/Greg Price

To be fair, the erroneous account’s handle was changed by one letter, and at quick glance it can easily be mistaken for Broussard’s real account, complete with the same yearbook picture.

There has been no solid confirmation that James is heading back to Cleveland. Meanwhile, free-agent speculation has run wild in recent days, with many NBA reporters eager to be the first to report where James and other stars will sign.

Earlier in the day, Frank Isola of the New York Daily News reported that Carmelo Anthony would be re-signing with the New York Knicks. Anthony's agent later denied that a deal was done.