Rumors surfaced on Wednesday that Cleveland Browns backup quarterback Colt McCoy could be traded to another NFL team soon. In response to the rumors, Browns officials have stated that there are no official plans for a trade and McCoy will be staying with the Browns “for now.”

Plain Dealer Browns writer Mary Kay Cabot was the first to break the rumors of the possible McCoy trade or release, tweeting on Wednesday that “QB Colt McCoy expected to be released or traded soon, lg source tells Plain Dealer.”

In a full-length article, Cabbot explained that because the Browns had recently signed quarterback Jason Campbell on a two-year deal, McCoy’s future may be looking a little uncertain. Last season, McCoy was expected to have a place on the team’s starting lineup but was ultimately replaced by Brandon Weeden. Now that there’s yet another new QB on the team, things could be looking grim for McCoy.

As rumors spread throughout the day, unnamed sources within the Browns began to speak up and claim that there are no immediate plans to trade or release McCoy.

According to, a source inside the Browns stated that McCoy will be remaining on the Browns “for now.” However, those are some ominous words for the quarterback, and they definitely don’t imply a long-term future with the franchise. Even if McCoy ultimately is not traded to another team, writers have speculated that it might be a smart career move for him to listen to the rumors and seek a position elsewhere.

“Update on Colt McCoy,” Cabbot tweeted later in the day. “#Browns have no immediate plans to trade him but would listen. However, McCoy could ask out to catch on somewhere.

The Epoch Times notes that McCoy first joined the Browns in 2010 and was signed for a four-year contract as a part of his draft. His initial contract was worth $4.96 million, and he stands to make $2.3 million this season, assuming he stays with the Browns.