Colton Underwood’s relationship with Cassie Randolph was left on a cliffhanger on Monday’s “The Bachelor.” However, ahead of the finale, it has been leaked that he and his self-eliminated contestant will reunite and are currently dating. Still, fans of the ABC series shouldn’t expect an engagement or impending wedding for the couple.

For months, Reality Steve, a known “Bachelor” spoiler blogger, has followed Colton and Cassie’s relationship journey on the series. Last week, he reported that the two were “not engaged” despite what the show’s latest trailer makes it appear.

He also made it clear that viewers shouldn’t expect Colton to get down on one knee during the show’s post-finale reunion.

“This seems to be the narrative that people are going with since they aren’t engaged. Honestly, I’d be surprised,” the blogger wrote late last month. “Yes, they’ve spent more time together since the show ended filming in November, but Cassie is still only 24, and I just don’t see them doing the engagement at the ATFR [After The Final Rose] two seasons in a row.”

Viewers will remember that Cassie left the show after informing Colton she was not ready for an engagement. Not wanting him to be dissapointed at the end of his season, she quit, leaving Colton will finalists Tayshia Adams and Hannah Godwin. Despite this, he dumped the other two women in favor of Cassie. Reality Steve insists, however, this won’t be a big enough gesture to result in an engagement anytime soon.

“But after seeing everything we’ve seen this’d surprise me if just 3.5 months after she had a freak out about being engaged, not to mention parents who weren’t completely on board with it all, that all the sudden now everyone has done a 180 and come around on things and that’s where their relationship is at. I just don’t see it,” he wrote earlier this month.

He added that it seemed “too quick” for the two to get engaged now, no matter “how much time they’ve spent together post-show.”

As for the long haul, the blogger previously stated that he doesn’t see marriage in the future for Colton and Cassie. “... These two are never getting married. No way,” he reported in January.

Part two of “The Bachelor” 2019 finale airs Tuesday at 8 p.m. EST on ABC. Check out the official synopsis HERE.