From the coronavirus pandemic to wildfires to Category 1 hurricanes, 2020 has been a difficult year for most people. Luckily, the day dedicated to venting your aggravation has finally arrived--and it happens to coincide with Columbus Day in 2020.

On International Moment of Frustration Scream Day, people are encouraged to scream, shout, or have some type of outburst that will help them relieve their pent-up frustration.

While some people may think the unofficial holiday was recently created due to all of the frustration that 2020 has caused, International Moment of Frustration Scream Day actually came about a few years ago when Wellcat Holiday Founders, Ruth and Thomas Roy, organized the holiday.

Each year on Oct. 12, citizens around the world are encouraged to let out their frustrations in the form of a 30-second scream.

“To share any or all of our frustrations, all citizens of the world will go outdoors at twelve hundred hours Greenwich time and scream for thirty seconds. We will all feel better, or Earth will go off its orbit,” reads the description of the holiday.

It may seem odd to randomly scream to release your frustration, but the technique is somewhat similar to primal therapy. The treatment is a controversial method used by some therapists to help their patients work through buried emotions.

Gin Love Thompson, Ph.D., a psychotherapist previously told Shape that the method has therapeutic aspects but noted that there are other ways to treat patients.

“This modality of therapy is about connecting with the [negative] emotion, feeling it, and releasing it via screaming, sobbing, or even hitting a safe object such as a punching bag,” she said.

“The physical vibratory sensations alert the nervous system and subconscious that this discharge is a conscious choice of absolution.”

Rather than randomly screaming aloud to vent your frustrations, join the rest of the world and scream in unison on International Moment of Frustration Day.

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