Jana Duggar (center) reveals what she’s up to during “Counting On” tell-all special. TLC

Jinger Vuolo didn’t reveal if she was pregnant during part one of the “Counting On” tell-all special Monday night, but that didn’t stop her famous siblings from discussing her future family.

During the episode, Jinger’s eldest sister, Jana Duggar, dished about her desire to help her newlywed sibling prepare for babies. While talking about adjusting to married life, Jinger revealed she and husband Jeremy Vuolo recently bought house in Laredo, Texas.

“We are pretty settled in there, thanks to a lot of these guys,” Jeremy said of his in-laws. Jinger went on to call her sisters Jessa Seewald and Jana the “masterminds” behind the home’s decorating.

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When prompted by host Stephanie Oz if they had a nursery in their new home, Jinger explained the setup. “Well, we have four bedrooms. One is, of course, the master bedroom, then we have Jeremy’s study. One’s a guest bedroom and another one is full of boxes and old furniture we need to get rid of.”

Jana interjected herself into the conversation by stating that the fourth bedroom could easily be a baby’s room. “But it can be moved out,” Jana said of the current items in the bedroom. “We’ll come back next time and we’re going to help them set up a nursery.”

Jessa added helping her sister transform the room would be “part two” as she previously helped Jinger and Jeremy decorate their post-wedding apartment.

While Jana waits to help out her sister and brother-in-law plan the next step in their lives, she is currently busy doing her own thing back home in Arkansas. After helping Jessa give birth to her second son Henry, Jana was prompted by the host to reveal the other things she has going on.

“I think there’s a lot of different things,” Jana said, explaning she’s been spending her time helping with different renovations and planting in her garden. “I have a lot of people help,” Jana said of the outdoor project.

Jana did not touch on the process of the former tattoo shop she purchased last year or her love life. Though, later in the episode, the program did reveal she doesn’t have a secret boyfriend, despite what an early Season 2 episode of “Counting On” had fans speculating.

After learning Jessa and Ben Seewald’s second baby’s gender, Jana and her sister Joy-Anna Forsyth discussed with the cameras who they told the couple’s baby gender secret to. Joy admitted she told Austin, who at the time was just her boyfriend, before Jana admitted to also spilling the beans.

“I told somebody though, too” Jana said. When Joy asked if she could guess who she told, Jana denied her request. When asked by production if she also had a boyfriend, Jana said she did not. “Like she would tell you if she did anyhow,” Joy added.

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During the reunion, Jessa revealed the special someone Jana told was actually their sister, Jill Dillard and her husband Derick. “They were leaving and they weren’t going to be here for the birth,” Jessa explained, commenting on the couple’s ongoing mission trip in Central America. “We were like, they’re going to be out of the country, they’re not going to slip up.”

Jill and Derick’s return time eventually got delayed and Jill was actually present for the baby’s birth.