For Cyber-Monday fashionistas and fashionisters looking for environmentally friendly, socially responsible clothing, there's a slew of hot online stores to check out -- and even one in SoHo! Skunkfunk bills itself as a fashion-forward retailer that features organic cotton, recycled polyester and Lyocell clothing, according to an e-blast that hit our desk over the Thanksgiving weekend.

Skunkfunk's eco-conscious fashion is not exclusive to those who live in or visit San Francisco and Manhattan, said Kyle Retzik, owner of Skunkfunk North America. allows you to shop comfortably from home and have sustainable fashion delivered right to your door.

And if you want to feel the merch, you can go off-line (how rad!) and hit Skunkfunk's retail stores in Manhattan and San Francisco.

Here's what they use to make their designs eco-friendly:


Polyester comes from crude oil, a natural scarce resource with a low renewability ratio. Recycled polyester is processed in a less energy-intensive way than creating virgin fibers, and it's a perfect option to give a second life to post-industrial remains or post-consumer plastic waste.


Organic Cotton is a natural fiber cultivated without the use of synthetic chemicals, such as pesticides or fertilizers, and it is not genetically modified.


Lyocell is a light and silky textile made from regenerated cellulosic fiber that comes from eucalyptus wood pulp. The biodegradable fiber is extracted under a sustainable closed-loop process that saves energy.

The Skunkfunk store at 181 Orchard Street (SoHo) in New York City.

But Skunkfunk is by no means alone in the trend toward environmentally friendly fashion. Some of the other lines you should check out this Cyber Monday, include:

    Natural Clothing Company offers organic clothing and eco-friendly accessories made with hemp, organic cotton and bamboo, which is really nice. I actually have a jacket made of it that I LOVE!
    The company makes organic, earth-friendly green clothing offered by Element EcoWear for men and women.
    And Eco-chic boutique. Haute organic, sustainable, recycled, re-purposed and fair trade fashion.
    Organic clothing and Eco Friendly fashion clothes for Women made from sustainable Organic cotton and soy.
    Clothes made from natural fiber and hemp clothing, including handmade items, hats, bags and jewelry. Also has jam-band merchandise, Indian incense and tie-dyed goods.
  • Eco-friendly clothing for men and women. Only using Natural Hemp, organic Cotton and bamboo fibers in all clothing. Portion of profits given to charities.

And that's just a few. I don't think Kate Middleton wears sustainable fashion, but, if she sees this, maybe she will!