Kyrie Irving, Dallas Mavericks
Despite sputtering in the end, the Mavericks are reportedly keen on keeping Kyrie Irving once his deal expires. Calling Our Shot/Twitter


  • The Mavericks plan to bring back Kyrie Irving next season, but this may depend on the kind of contract
  • Dallas will be taking a chance on Irving, hoping to build the missing chemistry noticeable this season
  • Irving may only agree to a long-term deal, something he did not get from the Nets

The Dallas Mavericks took a chance on Kyrie Irving at the NBA trade deadline, and that gamble has apparently not paid off.

With their 2022-23 NBA postseason hopes fading, the bigger question that the Mavericks are facing right now is what to do with Irving once his contract expires.

The 31-year-old is set to hit restricted free agency and Dallas needs to figure out if he is worth keeping or not. B

ut the better question is whether it would be wise to keep the eight-time All-Star guard on the roster.

In an exclusive interview with PTV Sports PH Plus, renowned sports book author Roland Lazenby believes that the Mavs are in a sticky situation.

But for someone as good as Irving, he feels that Dallas may take a chance on "Uncle Drew" and work out chemistry issues that have to be addressed heading into the offseason.

"I think hope springs eternal. I think that a player that good creates a lot of hope to front office people, and coaches too. Given more time, they can possibly work out chemistry issues and maybe even get some more help around him," Lazenby stated.

However, the American journalist added that this decision falls into the hand of team executives. It is something that they should be aware of, a gamble that could make or break the Mavs moving forward.

"These are million dollar questions, literally $360 million dollar questions, those pro basketball executives are supposed to know and we see high-priced mistakes frequently," the veteran scribe added.

Not long after the opinion shared by Lazenby, word got out that the Mavs are planning to bring back the one-time NBA champion despite his struggles according to Chris Haynes of the Bleacher Report.

However, Haynes did not mention how much Irving would be getting. This could play a factor in the desire of Irving to stay or bolt the Mavs.

It will be recalled that the 2012 NBA Rookie of the Year wanted a long-term contract with the Brooklyn Nets but this failed to materialize because of Irving's absences with limited guarantees.

Aside from that, Irving has become notorious for failing to blend in with any team.

Since leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2017, the former Duke Blue Devil failed to make a difference with the Boston Celtics and the Nets.

Kyrie Irving, Nico Harrison, Dallas Mavericks
Kyrie Irving could still be in Dallas by the 2023-24 NBA season comes around. WFAA/YouTube Screenshot