Destiny 2 - Taipan LFR
The Taipan-4FR legendary linear fusion rifle in Destiny 2 Destiny 2


  • The Taipan-4FR shares many perks with Reed's Regret
  • The weapon comes from world drops and a specific quest
  • The Taipan can be crafted in "Destiny 2"

Another legendary linear fusion rifle was added to "Destiny 2" through the "Season of Plunder" update, and it might be one of the best heavy weapon world drops players can get at the moment.

The Taipan-4FR may not be as unique as Stormchaser and its three-round burst fire mode, but it is worth checking out for its mods alone. For those who aren't aware, the Taipan is essentially a Void version of Reed's Regret, and it comes with most of the perks that make the latter so coveted.

This gun can roll with Triple Tap and Clown Cartridge in the third perk slot and Firing Line, Focused Fury and Frenzy on the fourth.

The best part about the Taipan-4FR is that it's craftable, and the two Patterns needed to make the weapon are given away to everyone almost for free.

Where To Get Taipan-4FR Crafting Patterns

Some players may have noticed a quest pop-up on the secondary receptacle on the Enclave crafting station. This Foundry Resonance quest will first send Guardians on a mission to attune a red-border copy of the Ammit AR2 auto rifle. Finish this step to get another copy of the auto rifle and another crafting-related objective.

Destiny 2 - Enclave
Certain weapons can be crafted and modified at the Enclave Destiny 2

Once the Ammit AR2 is crafted, players will be given a red-border Taipan-4FR. Like the auto rifle, the quest will ask players to extract the Patterns from the fusion rifles, and in the end, they will have unlocked the Taipan for crafting.

Alternatively, players can simply go about their usual "Destiny 2" activities and hope for a Taipan drop. This weapon occupies a slot in the world loot pool, so it should drop from any viable source in PvE.

Leveling Crafted Weapons

The best way to level up crafted weapons is to go to the Shuro Chi encounter in the Last Wish raid. Killing the Taken in the first hall grants a sizable chunk of Weapon XP per wipe. Additionally, players can plant a Raid Banner before opening the door to get a full refill of their heavy ammo.

For those who don't own Forsaken, it may be best to equip the Taipan just before any playlist activity ends so the weapon can get free XP.

Destiny 2 - Taipan Perks
The Taipan's available perks can be viewed via the crafting station at the Enclave Destiny 2