Destiny 2 Prolonged Engagement
The Prolonged Engagement SMG from Season of the Seraph Destiny 2


  • The Prolonged Engagement rolls with good PvE perks
  • It is outshined by many meta SMGs in PvE and PvP
  • It can roll with Retrofit Escapade's god roll

The Prolonged Engagement is a new 900 RPM Stasis SMG introduced in "Season of the Seraph." While its looks are very similar to other weapons in its category, it does offer some unique perk combinations that make using it worthwhile.

To get this gun, players only need to finish Strikes or Nightfalls in the Vanguard Playlist. This does mean that it is in the same loot pool as the other guns that drop from the activity, though it seems to drop fairly often.

Placebo aside, its seemingly-high drop rate is a good thing because the Prolonged Engagement has a massive perk selection. Much like the other Vanguard weapons, this SMG has 12 traits on its third and fourth column slots, which makes getting the absolute god roll for this gun difficult.

On the other hand, it has a few perk combos that make it well worth farming.

Destiny 2 Prolonged Engagement Perks
The Prolonged Engagement SMG from Season of the Seraph Destiny 2

For starters, it can get Retrofit Escapade's Fourth Time's The Charm and Target Lock roll. It doesn't have the range or the magazine capacity of its bigger counterpart, but it does have unlimited ammo and easy access to Font of Might's damage buff via Stasis shards and Elemental Shards.

Additionally, Prolonged Engagement can roll with Headstone like most other Stasis weapons. This perk does have less value than meta picks like Incandescent and Voltshot, but it still makes many Stasis subclass builds shine.

The majority of the other perks for this SMG are also good. Feeding Frenzy, Graverobber, Rampage, and Subsistence are all excellent for PvE. Meanwhile, the Crucible crowd can make use of Dynamic Sway Reduction, Rangefinder and Encore, to name a few.

It doesn't quite compete with the Funnelweb and the Hero's Burden in the PvP scene, but its myriad of perk options make it a decent PvE pick.

Is grinding for the Prolonged Engagement's absolute god roll worth doing? Perhaps. It will be a tough recommendation for players who already have crafted CALUS Mini-Tools, IKELOS SMGs and Blood Feuds.

However, don't just scrap every copy of this SMG that drops from a Strike. Pay attention to its perks, and it might just prove to be a valuable arsenal addition.

Destiny 2 Retrofit Escapade Perk
Retrofit Escapade rolls with the Target Lock perk Destiny 2