'Doctor Who' Season 8 Premiere
The "Doctor Who" Season 8 premiere "Deep Breath" airs on Aug. 23. BBC/BBC Worldwide 2014

The "Doctor Who" Season 8 premiere airs Aug. 23 and we have only had a few glimpses of Peter Capaldi as the new Doctor. BBC released a new trailer for the episode titled "Deep Breath" that focuses less on the Doctor's identity crisis after regeneration and more on the Doctor's adventures in Victorian London.

The first extended "Doctor Who" Season 8 trailer looked at the new Doctor's identity, including the question "Am I a good man?" The trailer sets up the darker tone of the new season as well as the complicated relationship between the Doctor and his companion Clara Oswald. The trailer excited fans in advance of the new "Doctor Who" season and now the Season 8 premiere has its own trailer.

BBC's "Doctor Who" Season 8 premiere synopsis reads, "When the Doctor arrives in Victorian London, he finds a dinosaur rampant in the Thames and a spate of deadly spontaneous combustions. Who is the new Doctor and will Clara’s friendship survive as they embark on a terrifying mission into the heart of an alien conspiracy? The Doctor has changed. It’s time you knew him."

In the "Deep Breath" preview, we get a better sense of the tone of the episode and its plot. There will be a dinosaur, the Paternoster gang, a robot with a flamethrower for a hand and the Doctor riding a horse. As a regeneration episode, expect plenty of comments about the Doctor's appearance and identity. The "Deep Breath" trailer ends with Clara saying she does not like the way the Doctor redecorated the TARDIS.

Leading up to the "Doctor Who" Season 8 premiere, Capaldi and Coleman have been on a world tour, most recently landing in Sydney. The pair, along with showrunner Steven Moffat, will arrive in New York Thursday. Highlights of the Seoul Q&A with Capaldi and Coleman can be viewed below.

"Doctor Who" Season 8 premiere, "Deep Breath," airs on Aug. 23 at 8 p.m. EDT on BBC America. BBC will also screen "Deep Breath" in select theaters.