An adopted Korean Jindo attacked, Francine Webb, just weeks after she took the dog.

She has since been hospitalized since the attack, prompting authorities to encourage the public to do more research on an animal before adopting it as a pet.

Wiebe and her family adopted the 17-month-old Jindo, thereby saving it from the dog meat industry in South Korea and named it Lego.

This last Tuesday, it came to Wiebe following his walk and after being fed. It tilted its head, which, according to Wiebe, was its way of asking for attention.

Francine said she petted him, and then suddenly, the dog started to bare its teeth and growled at her. Before she knew it, the dog leaped up and went for her jugular.

Wiebe managed to protect her face and neck by instinctively putting her hands up, but the dog bit her left arm.

Francine, who is a mother of three and a school principal, claimed she had never experienced the pain of a broken bone like that before.

There was a lot of blood from where Lego had torn into her arm and chest. All the while, it was trying to get at her neck.

She pushed into the dog's mouth and offered her arm as a literal chew toy to protect her neck. Francine said one of the bites penetrated one of her bones, and that is when she collapsed.

She says that when she collapsed, the dog sat down and tucked its tail between its legs, whimpering once again. It went into the porch of their home, and one of Wiebe’s daughter closed the door behind it.

Two of her adult daughters witnessed the attack as it happened and called 911.

Luckily the authorities and paramedics arrived within minutes, and she was taken to hospital by ambulance.

Wiebe suffered severe injuries to her left forearm, and that fractured one of her bones. She has cuts and scratches as well on her chest and her right arm.

Wiebe has since had surgery and needed a metal plate placed into her arm. She is going to have it for the rest of her life.

The rescue group from which Wiebe adopted the animal claimed it was brought into Canada by another rescue group.

Penny’s All Breed Animal Rescue stated they placed the animal in a foster home for about a month before they placed it up for adoption.

The dog had not shown any aggression or signs of abuse until the time it attacked.

Dog attack Pixabay