Dominos Pizza on moon
Moon-scooter for delivering Pizza

Dominos, the world leader in fastest pizza delivery, had credited mobile technology apps for an increase in demand for pizza, which has created more than 1000 jobs.

Dominos Monday said that they required extra pizza makers, delivery drivers and part-time managers at its 482 Australian stores, AAP News reported.

Domino's chief executive officer Don Meij told AAP News that it was now easier for consumers to order their pizzas via applications on mobile phones or tablets, and consequently, they were ordering more pizzas than ever before.

Our stores are desperately in need of additional staff to fulfil orders and deliveries, Meij said in a statement Monday.

Some stores have as many as 10 jobs available.

According to Dominos, around 350 jobs are available in Queensland, 300 in NSW, 150 in Victoria, 100 in Western Australia, 50 in South Australia, 21 in the ACT, 20 in Tasmania and 10 in the Northern Territory.

Domino's spokeswoman Sarah Broad said that the jobs available now include casual, part-time and full-time positions.

This jobs increase has come on the back of positive results in our business, Broad told AAP.

Our CEO (chief executive officer Don Meij) did report at our half-year financial results in February that that is set to continue. From our point of view, job security is definitely there.