Comedian Jon Stewart has mocked presidential hopeful Donald Trump’s ongoing “birther” remarks that allege current President Barack Obama may not have been born in the US.

Trump – who Stewart calls a “professional megalomaniac” – said in recent interviews that he sent private investigators to Hawaii to investigate the birth of President Obama. He claims he is shocked by what they’re finding and is no longer sure Obama is born in the US.

Trump alleges three things:

1) Obama doesn’t have a birth certificate (what the Obama campaign had was the certification of live birth).

2) Obama’s grandmother said he was born in Kenya.

3) No one knows what hospital Obama was born in, nor were there any financial paper trials related to the birth.

Trump is currently tied for first in a poll of potential Republicans 2012 presidential nominees.

Stewart, in his trademark, mocking yet intellectual style, countered that the certification of live birth satisfies the legal requirement for getting passports. He also touches on Republicans Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann (Stewart calls her “Minnesota Palin”), and plays a clip of Bill O’Reilly in the video segment below.