• The driver died after he was struck in the head with a brick and had his penis cut off by his employer
  • The driver's boss suspected that his wife was having an affair with the victim
  • The suspect has been arrested, and a murder case was filed against him following the attack

A 51-year-old man in the southern Philippine island of Mindanao killed his driver after the victim was allegedly caught spending time with his employer's wife on Valentine's Day.

Alexander Taclucop used a cement brick to strike the head of their family driver, Danilo Aranzo, 51, as the latter entered his employers' home in the Tacunan neighborhood of Davao City around 6:40 p.m. on Feb. 14, media outlet ABS-CBN reported.

The suspect then tied up the driver's hands, pulled down the victim's pants and cut off his penis, according to The Philippine Star.

The victim was taken to Southern Philippines Medical Center, but he was pronounced dead by his attending physician the next day, Lt. Jeffrey Bancas of the Tugbok Police was cited as saying by the Mindanao Times.

Authorities later arrested the driver's boss over the death, and a murder case was filed against him before the City Prosecutor's Office Wednesday.

Police also recovered a 20.5-centimeter (8-inch) knife as well as a brick weighing around a kilogram (2.2 pounds) that were used in the incident. Both items will serve as evidence against the suspect.

An investigation later revealed that the driver's boss suspected that his wife and Aranzo were having an affair as they were together on Valentine's Day, as per The Philippine Star.

This allegedly prompted the attack on Aranzo, who returned to his employers' home with Taclucop's wife on the night of the incident.

In a similar incident in 2018, a woman in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu bit off her husband's penis after she was caught in a "compromising position" with her lover.

The woman, identified only as Jayanthi, slipped out of the crowd while she was attending a temple festival in the village of Thuraimoolai with her husband under the pretext of using the bathroom.

However, Jayanthi's husband, Senthamarai, later found her in a "compromising position" with another villager after he tried to look for her.

Senthamarai allegedly grabbed the pair and threatened to make their relationship public, but Jayanthi bit off her husband's penis — severing a part of it — and escaped with her lover.

Senthamarai was taken to a hospital in the city of Chennai, and his condition stabilized.

Police later arrested Jayanthi, who confessed to the crime. She was booked for obscenity in public, causing hurt with dangerous weapons or means and murder.

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