Is Kate Middleton At Risk of Anorexia
Britain's Prince William and Kate Middleton after their engagement arrive at The Thursford Collection in Norfolk, England, December 18, 2010 (L). On their first official tour as married couple (R) stand on a podium towards a large crowd outside Province House in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, July 4, 2011. REUTERS

Is Kate Middleton too thin for pregnancy?

That's what one doctor is saying.

If [Kate Middleton] continues to lose any more weight it's entirely medically plausible she will have extreme difficulty getting pregnant, Doctor Chris Steele told Britain's Daily Star.

The newspapers own health expert agreed.

If she loses one more pound her fertility will be reduced, according to Doctor Julian Spinks.

According to one anorexia expert, Kate Middleton's weight will affect more than her pregnancy.

You only need look at the pictures from the current visit to Canada to see that she really has lost a lot of weight and that she's bordering on anorexia, Fabiola De Clercq, founder of Italy's Association for the Study and Research of Anorexia, told

As happens increasingly often in the case of fashion models, the young duchess's appearances risk becoming an advert for anorexia, De Clerq added.

Netizens are also questioning Kate Middleton's weight loss, saying the duchess is too thin.

One blog states, As far as opinions go, some publications have gone so far as to bring in experts to analyze whether Kate's weight loss was healthy, she lost the weight too quickly, she has an eating disorder, and this was all caused by stress. The overall conclusions . . . are that Kate's weight loss was healthy, and that she lost it very slowly, which was healthy as well.

The blogger continued on to say, What is disturbing though, and what the media has glossed over, is that Kate was very thin before losing any weight - flat abs and everything! She looked healthy, had a fabulous figure, and didn't need to lose anything to begin with.

But not everyone is in agreement. Some believe that Kate Middleton's weight loss is being targeted simply because she's in the public eye.

Kate is a public figure and people will criticize her for being too thin or too fat, and that in the public's eye, she'll never be perfect, according to OK Magazine.

Even celebrities are coming out to defend Kate. Selma Blair defended Kate to ET saying that she looked healthy and beautiful. Taraji P Henson said Kate looks fine [and] looks healthy.

Here are photos of the duchess before and after her reported weight loss.