The 5.9 magnitude earthquake in Virginia that shook the U.S East Coast, caused commotion on the streets of New York City, packing roads to the Lincoln Tunnel, flooding Penn Station with people and shutting down major tunnels.

As New Yorkers took to the streets and shook of their shock from the tremors of Tuesday afternoon's earthquake, New Jersey Transit issued a warning that Customers may experience some delays because of crowding condition and speed restriction due to this afternoon's earthquake.

Cellular networks were clogged following the quake, and at Penn station, riders evacuated trains and more people waited for the Long Island Railroad that also started to see delays by early afternoon.

Both the Lincoln and Holland tunnels were closed after the earthquake. One passenger passing the tunnel during the quake tweeted, Been through the Lincoln Tunnel hundreds of time, never been nervous about it until just now, and never been happier to see Jersey. #whew.

While some residents and workers took to the streets, no major exoduses were reported. Sarcastic tweets have been circulating the Web telling people to get back to work.

RT @Siriusjay: Streets of NYC post-earthquake full of people looking for any excuse not to work. Get back to work you hippies! #LazyAugust

Streets of NYC are crazed; peeps in Cali are laughing like, These punks... #NYCearthquake

Twitter has also been used as a platform to give advice as people have been advised to stay inside instead of outside:

Dawn Miller tweeted, People of NYC: Stay inside & in a doorway if you are scared. Things fall off buildings - like power lines. Narrow streets are not safe.