San Francisco Mayor hopeful Ed Lee's new campaign ad is getting national attention, thanks to the Midas touch of a grab bag of celebrities, including MC Hammer and Biz Stone.

The ad opens with three young guys sitting in someone's apartment, talking about how they plan to endorse Edwin M. Lee for mayor (Lee is currently the interim mayor of San Francisco).

Suddenly, MC Hammer appears in the kitchen, demanding to know where his apple butter is. (I don't understand either).

Cut to an updated, low budget spin on Hammer's 2 Legit 2 Quit video, complete with Hammerpants, Hammer moves, and a directive to Fear the Mustache.

Lee has a mustache to rival Ron Paul's eyebrow, but Lee's facial hair appears to be legit.

Lee's mustache has its own Facebook page and multiple Twitter accounts.

The candidate is endorsed by an eclectic group of high profile figures, including Twitter founder Biz Stone,, former San Francisco 49ers player Ronnie Lot, former San Francisco mayor Willie Brown, and a very enthusiastic Brian Wilson, pitcher for the San Francisco Giants.

Wilson claims that anyone with the name Lee is sweet and cites the following examples to support his claim: Bruce Lee, Tommy Lee, Sara Lee (delicious treats that everyone likes), and MotLEY Crue (best band ever).

So kind of just basically saying if you're Lee, you're awesome, Wilson concludes, adding again that Lee is 2 Legit 2 Quit.

Major Willie Brown has been spending time with MC Hammer of late, writing in his column Willie's World that the Hammer recently schooled the former mayor on turf dancing.

Hammer has been popping up in some unlikely places lately. Last week, IBTimes reported on Hammer's unveiling of his new search engine, WireDoo, which he announced at the Web 2.0 Summit.

A VentureBeat report on the announcement explained that Hammer is known as a very active figure, angel investor and promoter of young companies in Silicon Valley. (That was new to us, too.)

Check out the Fear the Mustache campaign video: