Eric Trump is furious that not all of the Republicans in Congress are supporting his father in objecting to the Electoral College results, which would confirm Joe Biden’s presidential win. 

On Tuesday night, Eric shared a tweet threatening to take action against Republicans who didn’t object to the election outcome in favor of President Donald Trump.

“I will personally work to defeat every single Republican Senator / Congressman who doesn’t stand up against this fraud - they will be primaried in their next election, and they will lose,” he wrote.

Eric, 37, went on to make a similar statement during an interview with Sean Hannity on Fox News. “Tomorrow’s gonna tell you a lot about the country,” he told the host on Tuesday.  

“Because I can tell you, Sean, any senator or any congressman that does not—meaning on this side—that does not fight tomorrow...their political career is over. Because the MAGA movement is going nowhere!”

Over on Twitter, users taunted Eric for trying to intimidate the Republican party into supporting his desire to overthrow Biden’s win. To date, his post has over 38K replies, with the majority of them being negative.

“Eric Trump is having a meltdown because he finally realizes that the party’s over!!” one person wrote.

Filmmaker Jeremy Newberger said, “Imagine becoming a US Senator or a Congressman, spending a life committed to politics, serving the people in your town, community, and state, to reach a prestigious position in the leadership of your country, and then getting threatened by Eric Trump.” 

Another person suggested that the president son's rant was evidence that the Trump family may no longer have influence in Washington.

“It’s so amusing to see Eric Trump pretend he’s powerful and intimidating. How adorable this kid is. I feel like I should toss some peanuts into his cage,” the individual wrote. “Meanwhile, his father lost the GOP both the White House and Congress, showing just how impotent the Trumps are politically.”

However, some people appeared to support Eric’s desire to take down Republicans who don’t object to the results.

“I support you & especially your Father, but we won’t have a election that matters once the Democrats change all the rules. It just won’t make a difference. They’ll win every election going forward & destroy our country,” one person wrote.

Another person added, “I stand with you sir. Whatever it takes to defeat each and every Republican that hasn't supported the people and our constitution and president."

On Wednesday, Republican Senators and 140 Republican members of the House are expected to object to the certification of the election results following baseless claims of election fraud.

In November, Biden won the election by more than seven million popular votes and 306 electoral votes.

Eric Trump Eric Trump is pictured. Photo: GETTY IMAGES / WIN MCNAMEE