An Australian family who moved into their new home was in for a shock when they found dozens of snake skins on their terrace. To their surprise, not a single snake was seen on the property.

Reid Newell, from Snake Catchers Brisbane & Gold Coast, said there were "about 57 snake skins." He took to Facebook last week to post the images of the terrifying find.

"The owners of a property in Currumbin were shocked when they saw how many snake skins they had in their roof. These are just some of the skins that I pulled out of 7 x 7-meter roof space. How many skins can you see?" Newell wrote.

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Newell said the skins weren't from one species alone. "I couldn't say how many snakes it was from, but it definitely wasn't one. It wasn't just from the one species either, there were carpet python sheds in there, and also common tree snake sheds," Newell told The Courier-Mail.

But the snake catcher couldn't find a single live snake. "I know they did some cleaning on the roof the day beforehand which probably made a lot of noise and scared anything hiding there before I arrived," he added.

"I've never seen anything like it. I've been in quite a lot of roofs, and the most I've seen before that was maybe four or five, so this was a massive jump. The roof was only a seven by seven-meter space, which was 'hectic'," he told the outlet. "The owners were pretty cool about it, they were also shocked. I told them the amount of skins from multiple species was crazy to me and I think they thought that was pretty cool."

Newell said the previous tenants might have had poultry, which would attract rodents and snakes to the property. "The roof is a great place for snakes to regulate their bodies and hide while they digest food that they've eaten," he said.

Last month, a Sydney woman was shocked to find an aggressive snake among her child's toys in her bedroom. Meg, from Cammeray on the North Shore, said she was tidying her daughter's bedroom when she found something near the toys and almost picked it up thinking it was a shoelace.

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