Jenni Pulos, Jeff Lewis, Zoila Chavez
Check out our list of the five most important things happening in Season 8 of "Flipping Out," starring (from left) Jenni Pulos, Jeff Lewis and Zoila Chaves. Here, the cast is photographed on the red carpet of the 2014 Emmy Awards. Getty Images

Jeff Lewis, Jenni Pulos, Zoila Chavez and the rest of the “Flipping Out” crew are gearing up to return to Bravo. The network has released two short previews and a trailer for the eighth season of the design reality series, and from the looks of things, it’s going to be a good one.

Clips for the upcoming season suggest there will be more pranks, more meltdowns and a new addition to the “Flipping Out” family. What else is in store for the cast? Here are five things you can expect to see in 2015 installment:

1. More dirty jobs

Previews for the show suggests Jeff and the gang will find themselves in hot water on more than one occasion after purchasing homes to flip. The Season 8 trailer gives viewers a glimpse into the “Flipping Out” crew’s battle against flooding rooftops, leaky pipes, filth and more. No worries though -- there’s nothing Jeff and his team can’t handle.

2. Impossible-to-please clients

No matter how talented Jeff's team is, there’s just no pleasing every single client. The trailer show’s Jeff discussing his displeased clientele during a one-on-one confessional interview. It then cuts away to a woman complaining about how different her home looked after their renovations. Fingers crossed this isn’t a central theme during Season 8.

3. Major meltdowns

As always, there will be some serious freak outs on “Flipping Out.” From the looks of things, everyone will be on edge at various points in the upcoming season of the show. One sneak-peek video, via the Hollywood Reporter, shows Jeff losing his cool.

4. A new member of the crew

It looks like viewers can expect a new addition to the “Flipping Out” family. No, Jeff isn’t adding a new employee to his tight-knit group -- he and Gage Edward are having a baby!

5. Pranks and lots of them

Much like past seasons of the show, this one will be full of laughs at the expense of other members of the “Flipping Out” team.

“Flipping Out” premieres Wednesday at 10 p.m. EDT on Bravo. Check out the Season 8 trailer below.