• The father was upset that he couldn't attend a comic con trip 
  • "I’m tired of this baby," the man apparently told the child's mother
  • He admitted to hitting the baby out of frustration

A Florida man accused of brutally beating his 8-month-old son to death as the latter was an obstacle for him to attend a comic con trip was charged with first-degree murder Tuesday.

In addition to the murder charge, Keyshawn Wanya Bailey, 26, was facing aggravated child abuse, child abuse, and child neglect charges for allegedly killing his son last month, according to a statement from the State Attorney’s Office for the Eighth Judicial Round.

The officers with the Gainesville Police Department responded to a 911 call from Bailey who stated that his son, referred in court documents as "L.B.," was choking. When emergency responders reached the scene, they reportedly saw the baby had sustained a large hematoma-- a severe bruise caused by blood pooling under the skin--on the back of his head, The Alachua Chronicle reported. The baby's mother was at work when the incident took place, according to the outlet.

The child's mother showed the responding officers a photo showing the baby with injuries to his nose, discoloration under his left eye and scratches on his face. The picture was allegedly sent to her on Nov. 19 by Bailey who said that the baby cut himself. Bailey blamed something on the bassinet and also told her to cancel their weekend plans because “I’m tired of this baby," the outlet reported.

Bailey apparently gave authorities a string of inconsistent stories about how his son died. He initially denied knowing anything about the bruises on his body and then admitted that he dropped the baby twice on the floor. However, Bailey said it didn't cause the injuries that were seen in the photo he sent to the child's mother. When an investigator pressed him further about the child's nose injury, Bailey admitted to hitting him on the nose with his knuckle and causing him to bleed. He said he jabbed the child in the face and dropped the baby right before he made the 911 call, Law and Crime reported.

The man is being held on a is being held on $1,000,000 bail bond.

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