A woman from Daytona Beach, Florida, was arrested by police authorities Thursday for fatally shooting her boyfriend and dismembering his body, last year. 

The suspect, 67-year-old Nelci Tetley, was arrested on a charge of first-degree murder. The victim, Jeffrey Albertsman, 55, and Tetley were dating for many years. 

Chief of Daytona Beach Police Department, Craig Capri, described Tetley as a “demented” woman and also said she abused Albertsman on a daily basis for many years before the murder took place. 

“Something like this is not common,” Capri said, the Daytona Beach News-Journal reported. “Just the amount of violence that was involved. Cutting his arm and legs off? I don’t understand the purpose of that.”

The police officials of Daytona Beach went to Albertsman’s home on July 26, 2017 after his mother reported she hadn't heard from him in a while, the report stated. 

When the authorities reached his home, which was situated at 1222 North Street, they found Albertsman’s dismembered body, along with a bullet wound each on his head and chest. The mutilated arms and legs were found in a fernery in DeLeon Springs, which was 20 miles away, police officials said.  

Capri said, “The body was in there for about two weeks before us getting there.” 

Investigating detectives stated the evidence of blood, which they discovered on the floor of the kitchen, matched to that of Tetley’s. She lived with Albertsman for many years, but was not staying with him when the crime occurred, police authorities said. 

Capri said it was believed Tetley committed the crime alone. 

Quite interestingly, Capri said, Tetley was also “a person of interest” in a 10-year-old case, which involved the death of a man whose body parts were found in the Tomoka river.

The report stated the dismembered body of a victim, identified as Michael Scot Louis, was found inside a garbage bag alongside the river bank, which was 10 miles away from the place where Albertsman’s body parts were found. This may not be a coincidence, stated the police authorities. 

Capri added all the questions regarding the Louis case was to be directed to the Ormond Beach Police Department, who were handling the investigation.

However, Captain Chris Roos, a spokesman for the Ormond police department stated Friday no new information was available about the case.

Roos said, “The Louis case is an active investigation and we are not releasing any information at this time.” 

Family members of Louis said in 2007 he was dating a “much older woman” during the time of his death. 

Tetley appeared before a judge Friday where a public defender was provided for her to fight her case. The judge decided to keep Tetley in jail without bail. 

According to court documents, Albertsman and Tetley were involved in altercations. On April 23, 2013, Albertsman told the police authorities Tetley pepper-sprayed him and stabbed him with a kitchen knife. This happened at a time when Albertsman said he wanted to leave Tetley. She was charged with aggravated battery and sentenced to two years of community service, which was followed by two years of probation. 

In 2016, Albertsman filed an injunction against Tetley where he made an accusation she threatened to kill him and also struck him. Tetley was charged then with misdemeanour battery, court documents stated.