The 2 -month search for missing Boston College Student Franco Garcia, has come to a tragic end after police divers recovered his body from the Chestnut Hill Reservoir near to his college campus on Wednesday.

Officials gathered Garcia's family at a nearby parking lot, informing them that that the body they recovered had many similar characteristics to the descriptions they had given following Garcia's disappearance. While it is strongly believed that the body is Garcias, it cannot be officially confirmed until an autopsy is carried out.

Priests prayed over the body, before it was placed in a van and driven away on Wednesday. I found him. But not the way I want, Garcia's father Jose Garcia told Fox News.

Timeline of Disappearance

Feb.22- The 21-year-old student was last seen around 12.30 a.m. at Mary Ann's bar in Cleveland Circle. His friends report that he went missing before they left the bar and they were puzzled he had gone without saying goodbye--an action that was cited as being uncharacteristic of the student.

Feb.23-The Newton Police Department carried out an investigation with Boston College Police and State Police, according to the Boston Globe.

Feb.25--Friends and family of Garcia have been distributing fliers in the area.

Feb.26- Police carried out a helicopter flyover in Massachusetts, but few clues were found despite using a thermal imaging technique that can recognize people and their belongings.

Feb.27--Garcia's friends launched a Facebook and Twitter campaign to try and find leads about his disappearance. They have asked people who were at Mary Ann's on Tuesday to send in photos and videos of the night.

April 11: Body found in reservoir after man walking a dog reported seeing a body in the water. Divers had scoured the depths of the reservoir much time, but heavy weeds impaired the visibility in the water.

The night of his disappearance, Garcia was expected to stay in the dorm room of a friend, but never showed up. His car was parked where he left it and there was no activity on his phone or credit card since he was reported missing, Fox News reports.

Garcia lived with his parents in West Newton. He studied Chemistry at Boston College and played clarinet in the symphony band and trombone in the marching band.