Summer is fast approaching, Memorial Day is almost here and 7-Eleven is giving out free Slurpees today as part of its annual SlurpFREE Day.

Find out where to get your free Slurpees here.

Summer's here and so is FREE Slurpee. Swing by 7-Eleven on May 23rd between 11a-7p and grab yourself 7.11 ounces of cool, refreshing glory juice. Our treat!, says the SlurpFREE Day Facebook page.

There are dozens of Slurpee flavors you can choose, ranging from Cherry Orange Blitz to Sprite Snowball Blitz to Mountain Dew White Out.

Slurpee fanatics praised 7-Eleven for showing its appreciation to customers by giving them sample sizes of the slushy treats.

Slurpee stop on my agenda after I get some gas in the car! Thanks! wrote Facebook user Anne Witt.

If you go to bed without having a brain freeze at least once today, oh the shame! said Jen Oaks Ubelaker.

You can enjoy a free Slurpee today with less guilt than past SlurpFREE days, as 7-Eleven is unveiling new, slimmed-down version of the popular treat.

The Slurpee Lite has only 20 calories and comes in exotic flavors such as Fanta Sugar-Free Mango, strawberry banana and cherry limeade.

The Fanta Sugar-Free Mango variety of Slurpee will be available today, but you'll have to wait until summer to sample the strawberry banana and cherry limeade.

While the Slurpee Lite has less calories, it should not be considered a healthy alternative, Neal Barnard, an adjunct professor of medicine at George Washington University, told USA Today.

Slurpee had zero nutritional value then, and it has zero nutritional value now. Now it's just a different kind of junk food, Barnard said. This should not be mistaken as any kind of corporate responsibility. They're just trying to sell you the same stuff in a different package.