• The official game guide of "Elden Ring" (Volume I) is set to release in November
  • The second official game guide has been delayed to early 2023
  • "Elden Ring" was released in February

Recent action by the official game guide publishers of "Elden Ring" may have hinted at the game's DLC and its potential release window.

FromSoftware's "Elden Ring" sold 16.6 million copies in July following its successful launch in February. However, since neither Bandai Namco nor FromSoftware has said anything about its downloadable content (DLC) fans should not expect that it would be rolled out anytime soon.

But, this is not the case with the "Elden Ring" community. Instead of not expecting, the absence of an official announcement from game developers and publishers seemingly triggered the community to anticipate the rollout or at least announcement of the game's DLC.

Rumors about the DLC further intensified very recently when Future Press, the official "Elden Ring" game guide publisher said the second volume has been delayed and would not launch in time for this year's Holiday. "We're still hard at work on Volume II and have made the tough decision to delay its release until early 2023. We're striving to include all there is to know at the time of publication, making it accurate and useful long after its release," the team said.

The explanation for the delay is normal at first glance and it looks like the game guide publisher is just anticipating other patches to be released to the game soon. Some fans believe that the delay is somewhat connected to the DLC of the game, especially if the Volume II guide would like to include new weapons and monsters not yet introduced in the base game.

Despite the silence of FromSoftware, it is safe to say that the gaming studio is working hard on "Elden Ring's" post-launch support, which could include the DLC. The gaming studio releases DLC for its titles and considering the success of "Elden Ring," it is impossible that the team would not release its DLC.

According to Future Press, the Volume II guide would be released in the early part of 2023. Perhaps, the DLC would be rolled out before that to ensure that the second volume would include "accurate and useful long after its release."

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