It will be a day of manipulation and doubt for the residents of Port Charles as they struggle to learn more about the newest member of their community. On the Friday, August 24 episode of “General Hospital,” Drew will attempt to charm Margaux as Jason and Carly worry about their future.

In the promo for the ABC soap opera, Margaux (Elizabeth Hendrickson) asks Drew (Billy Miller) if it’s hard for him to believe she is interested in getting to know him. Since meeting Margaux, he has remained suspicious of her attempt to pursue to a romance with him.

After the two shared a kiss, Drew struggled to understand why Margaux was attracted to him and admitted he hasn’t had the best luck when it comes to love, seeing as Sam (Kelly Monaco) wanted a divorce because she was really in love with Jason (Steve Burton).

Margaux then suggested he work on building up his confidence when it comes to relationships. Although Drew agreed to do better, he also reached out to Curtis (Donnell Turner) and asked him to look into Margaux’s past.

After some research, the private investigator couldn’t find much dirt on the attorney, other than a divorce prior to her move to PC. Even though Curtis insisted Margaux had a clean record, Drew revealed he would get closer to her and find out what she really wants, but will Margaux use Drew’s failed relationships to gain his trust?

Elsewhere in the “General Hospital” promo video, Carly (Laura Wright) tells Jason that Margaux is looking for evidence to use against him. “GH” spoilers reveal Jason warns Drew about his new friendship.

Jason has already told Drew to stay away from Margaux, but it seems he wants to make sure his twin is following his advice. Viewers are aware that Margaux has the flash drive that holds Drew’s real memories. However, since Drew can only remember Jason’s past, she has been keeping the device to herself in hopes she can use Drew to expose Jason and Sonny’s (Maurice Benard) crimes.

While Drew has yet to determine if Margaux truly likes him, Jason seems certain that the new district attorney’s goal is to put him behind bars. Will Drew figure out what Margaux is really after or is she the key to getting Drew to turn against Jason?

“General Hospital” airs weekdays at 3 p.m. EDT on ABC.