George Zimmerman Bond Hearing: What To Expect During The Court Appearance
George Zimmerman's bond hearing is set for Friday. What can you expect to happen during the court appearance? REUTERS/POOL New

Newly released audiotapes from a Florida prosecutor's office reveal that George Zimmerman has been accused not only of the second-degree murder of Trayvon Martin, but molesting a family friend for more than a decade. The woman, identified only as Witness 9, told investigators at the end of March that the molestation began when she was six years old and continued until her late teens, according to Yahoo.

The woman came forward less than a month after the Feb. 26 Trayvon Martin shooting and told investigators she did so because it was the first time she wasn't afraid to see Zimmerman and she wanted to describe the racial slurs the Zimmerman family routinely used.

I was afraid that he may have done something because the kid was black, she told investigators on the tape released Monday. Because growing up they've always made them, him and his family have always made statements that they don't like black people if they don't act like white people. They like black people if they act white, and other than that they talk a lot of bad things about black people, Witness 9 said.

The woman told investigators that when she was around 12 Zimmerman made her look at and massage his penis. She also claims he kissed and fondled her, notes The Huffington Post.

He would reach under the blankets and try to do things, she said. I would try to push him off, but he was bigger, stronger and older. Witness 9 also claims he penetrated her vagina with his fingers against her will.

She said she has no direct knowledge of the events surrounding Martin's death but accused Zimmerman's Peruvian-American mother of being the most vocal racist of the family. The mother would proudly announce she didn't like President Barack Obama because he is black and I am a racist, according to Witness 9.

Much of the contention around the Zimmerman case concerns whether the killing was racially motivated. A recent report from the Florida State Attorney's Office via The Huffington Post points to Zimmerman's hero complex rather than any racist motivations. That conclusion hasn't stopped people from coming forward claiming they've heard George Zimmerman and the rest of his family make anti-black statements on more than one occasion, reports Think Progress.

Witness 9 said Zimmerman would warn her to not mention the sexual abuse to anyone after each instance. He even allegedly suggested she just tell anyone who may have seen them together to say the two were just playing or lying together.

The accuser said he took on a completely different, and much darker, persona when the two of them were alone together.

Georgie sucked up to my dad, she said. He was like the son he never had.

Zimmerman's defense attorney Mark O'Mara tried to keep this tape sealed from the public as well as recordings from phone calls Zimmerman has made from behind bars. Judge Kenneth Lester Jr. ruled the evidence is public information, according to the Orlando Sentinel. O'Mara expressed doubt the audio would be admissible in court, although there has not yet been a decision on that.