Shakira could stand trial in Spain for tax fraud
Shakira could stand trial in Spain for tax fraud AFP / GABRIEL BOUYS


  • Social media users think Gerard Piqué implied that Latin Americans were barbaric in a new interview
  • The soccer player said he was targeted by "millions of barbarities" on social media following his split from Shakira
  • Shakira posted that she's proud to be Latin American following her ex's interview

Shakira and her fans fired back at Gerard Piqué following his allegedly "xenophobic" remarks about Latin Americans.

In a new interview with Gerard Romero, the former soccer star discussed in his native Spanish how he has been handling criticism since his split from Shakira in June 2022 and allegations surfaced that he cheated on the Colombian singer when they were together.

At one point, Piqué mentioned that his ex is Latin American and claimed that he has received hate comments from "millions" of his ex's fans, whom he referred to as "barbarities." He also claimed that Shakira's fans are "robots" who "have no lives," according to Page Six.

Following the interview, the "Hips Don't Lie" singer seemingly reacted by tweeting, "Orgullosa de ser Latinoamericana," or "Proud to be Latin American" in English. She added dozens of Latin American flag emojis.

Many social media users also called out Piqué for alleged xenophobia and showed off their Latino pride after he seemingly implied that Latin Americans are "barbarians" for criticizing him.

"Why the f–k did you have to mention that your ex is Latina? Do you think that Latinos insult or harass more than people from other countries? Why did you say that? Plus Shakira has fans all over the world. You really are digging your own grave," one person tweeted.

"Did Gerard Piqué, a Spanish person, just insult Latin Americans because he's hurt over some nasty comments from people online? Also, it's not only Latin Americans who have been defending Shakira, the rest of us have too. He's just coming off as xenophobic," a different commenter claimed.

"We're something he will never have. Real fans. Proud fans," a Shakira supporter wrote.

"Cheater Gerard Piqué said he was disappointed with what society was. What [did] he expect? [That] society [would] support his cheating?" another wrote.

However, a few netizens sided with Piqué. "What Gerard Piqué said [is] the truth about Hispanic/Latin America. The American version ya Barbarians. Ya have no lives," one claimed.

"Jo prefiro Gerard Pique," one user commented on Shakira's tweet, seemingly implying that they prefer the soccer player over the singer.

During his sit-down with Romero, Piqué slammed Shakira's fans over the backlash he received following his and the singer's separation after 11 years and two kids together.

He claimed that "95%" of people's issues arise when they "tend to care about things that aren't that important."

"I am very disappointed with what society is. For example, my ex is Latin American ... you can't imagine [the comments] I've gotten on social media from her fans. Millions of barbarities!" he told Romero.

"But I don't care about any of it. Honestly, not at all because I don't know them. These people have no lives and why should I care? I'll never meet them, they're robots, you know?" he continued.

Piqué was first linked to his now-girlfriend Clara Chia Martí in August 2022, shortly after his split from Shakira. However, reports have claimed that his relationship with the 23-year-old college student began months or even years before he and Shakira parted ways.

Reports claimed that Shakira allegedly discovered that he was cheating on her when she returned home from a trip and found out her strawberry jam, which Piqué and their children don't eat, was missing, suggesting someone else was at home while she was away. International Business Times could not independently verify the rumors.

Piqué previously claimed he wasn't sorry for leaving the singer "devastated" by their split.

"I keep doing what I want," he told El Pais last month. "The day I die, I will look back and hope I have always done what I wanted. I want to be faithful to myself."

Shakira's lawyers said her conduct 'has always been impeccable in all the countries she had to pay taxes'
Shakira's lawyers said her conduct 'has always been impeccable in all the countries she had to pay taxes' AFP / CHRISTOPHE SIMON