The Glee cast had an unexpected day off on Friday due to a severe tonsillitis and strep throat amongst the cast members, reportedly leading to the cancellation of the filming of an episode.

The post-Super Bowl episode had to be cancelled, confirmed a representative of 20th Century Fox to Access Hollywood.

Dianna Argon and Kevin McHale both tweeted about being unwell. Dianne plays Quinn Fabray, the head cheerleader on the show with Kevin playing Artie Abrams.

Meanwhile, the other cast members are busy enjoying a long weekend. Mark Salling aka Puck was reportedly enjoying a day of golf. Lea Michele, who plays Rachel and is the star of the show, tweeted that she had a relaxing day with a hike and a massage thrown in.

Fans, on the other hand, are busy speculating about which song would get paired with 'Thriller' in the Super Bowl episode. As of now, tt seems like the Michael Jackson's classic will be accompanied by 'Heads Will Roll' from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.