A UFO expert claimed that a Google Maps aerial photo of Area 51 showed a massive alien ship docked in one of the secret military base’s hangars. According to the expert, it could be related to Area 51 whistleblower Bob Lazar’s revelations regarding the base’s confidential activities.

Scott Waring of the blog ET Data Base saw the parked UFO while using Google Maps. According to Waring, this can be done by going to Google Maps and typing in Groom Lake, which is a dry salt flat in Nevada.

From Groom Lake, Area 51 can be tracked down by finding the third salt flat near the area. From here, changing the date of the photo would reveal the various construction phases of the military base. In one of its phases, a massive saucer-like object can be seen sticking out from one of the base’s hangars. Waring estimated that the object’s diameter could be about 33 meters.

According to Waring, tubes or cables can be seen running from the object to a nearby structure, which suggests that Area 51 personnel were probably running tests on it when the photo was taken.

Waring ruled out the possibility that the object could be an extension of the hangar due to its bizarre appearance.

“I was at a strategic air command base, the highest security base for the Air Force, and they don’t have hangars like that,” he said in a video he shared on YouTube. “None of the hangars have a round door.”

“So what is this and why are there four different air conditioning units hooked up to this?” he continued. “I have never seen that many air conditioning units hooked up to a hangar before.”

While talking about the object, Waring referenced Lazar, a scientist who claimed to have worked in an Area 51 site known as S-4. According to Lazar, his main responsibility in base involved reverse-engineering the technology of the UFOs captured by the military.

According to Waring, the alleged UFO he spotted could be one of the alien vessels that Lazar talked about during his revelation. He speculated that the object was probably transported from S-4 into Area 51.

Two airline pilots traveling over Arizona claim they were passed by unidentified flying objects while flying at over 30,000 feet in the air, March 27, 2018. Above is a representational image. PhotoVision/Pixabay