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Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto 5 is expected this year.

If the prediction made by Jesse Divnich of EEDAR (Electronic Entertainment Design and Research) is to be believed, game developer Rockstar’s next big venture in 2012, the “Grand Theft Auto 5” could beat this year’s upcoming “Call of Duty” instalment and become the biggest release of the year.

“Grand Theft Auto 5,” which will be the first major title in the Grand Theft Auto series since Grand Theft Auto IV’s arrival in 2008, is to be set in fictional Los Santos in the state of San Andreas and its surrounding areas, based on modern-day Los Angeles and Southern California.

According to Divnich, “GTA 5” will reign supreme over the next “Call of Duty” when it is made available to gamers in 2012. He also added that people must not misunderstand his comments because “Call of Duty,” as always, will undoubtedly be huge, but if a “photo finish race” is taken into account, “GTA 5” will triumph.

“GTA 5,” already rumoured to be on its way even before the game was officially announced, is still awaiting a release date and further details, according to a Game Bandits report.