Want a private plane for yourself in "GTA 5?" Here's how to snag one.

We've already shown you how to steal a tank and how to steal a fighter jet in "Grand Theft Auto 5." This time, we'll show you how to swipe a private civilian jet.

How to Steal a Private Jet in "GTA"

In order to steal a private jet, you'll need to journey to the part of the "GTA 5" map indicated by the purple icon in the photo below. Your destination is Los Santos International Airport. In case you're wondering, you'll be able to get inside the airport with no problem whether you're flying to the airport or driving.

Once you enter Los Santos International Airport, your Wanted Level will soon shoot up to three stars, meaning that you'll have cops on your tail in no time. Just so you know what you'll be dealing with going in, they'll come in the form of squad cars as well as a police helicopter. However, if you don't stop moving when the chase begins, you should be able to keep enough distance between yourself and the authorities to make off with the private jet fairly easily.

Once you find a private jet, park right next to it, exit your current vehicle and simply enter the aircraft. There could be multiple private jets for you to steal, some parked and some getting ready for takeoff. If there's a jet you want to grab that's on the runway and getting ready to depart, park your vehicle directly in front of it to impede its progress. From there, just exit your ride, enter the plane and fly off.

If you've already purchased an aircraft hangar at this point in your "GTA 5" progress, you could store your new toy there. Not long after getting acquainted with Trevor, you'll get an opportunity to buy a hangar in the middle of the desert north of Los Santos. If you don't have a hangar yet, you might want to invest in one so you have somewhere safe to keep your brand new hardware. In fact, we recommend that you try to steal this plane with Trevor, since his flying skill is the highest of the three main "GTA 5" characters to start out with, due to his service as a pilot with the military.

To see a "GTA 5" private plane theft in action, watch the video below. The video is courtesy of YouTube and user Nippton.

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