Gundam Evolution - Sazabi screen
Mobile Suit Sazabi in Gundam Evolution Gundam Evolution


  • Sazabi is great for holding tight spaces and objectives
  • The suit has incredible mobility thanks to Homing Boost
  • Sazabi can wipe an entire team with its G-Maneuver

The hulking Sazabi mobile suit in "Gundam Evolution" is one of the few dedicated tanks in the game's present roster. It is a beast in close quarters, and its kit lets it protect friendlies from a hail of enemy fire.

"Gundam Evolution" technically does not have a clear-cut class system like other hero shooters do. However, Sazabi's sheer bulk and deadliness in close range make it an ideal tank for tight maps. Here are a few key points to remember when piloting this suit.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Sazabi has a maximum effective health pool of 2,800 HP when it has its shield up, making it the most durable mobile suit in the game. Like GM, it can fire its weapon while guarding.

Much of this suit's firepower comes from its Beam Shot Rifle, which fires a spread of lasers in a cone much like a shotgun. This weapon is extremely deadly at close range, especially when coupled with its titanic shield. As an added bonus, Sazabi can mark enemies for teammates with its Enemy Search ability.

Gundam Evolution - Sazabi dash
Sazabi can quickly dash towards allies and thrown tomahawks Gundam Evolution

Sazabi also has surprising mobility thanks to its Homing Boost skill, which lets it fly toward an ally. Additionally, this skill can be used to fly toward a thrown Beam Tomahawk.

Lastly, Sazabi's G-Maneuver lets players pelt every enemy in an area around them with damage from untargetable drones, softening them up for final blows with normal weapons.

As for weaknesses, this suit has limited horizontal mobility due to having only one dash charge. Also, Sazabi's enormous hitbox makes it easier to hit compared to other suits.

Tips and Tricks

Sazabi is excellent against short-ranged and melee suits like Barbatos and both Zaku II variants. It is also effective against Exia as long as both suits are in close quarters.

This mobile suit is surprisingly good at flanking and taking positions. Throw a Beam Tomahawk toward the sky and follow it with Homing Boost, then try to land behind enemies and cause chaos from the backline. This tactic is great for attacking in maps like Thermal Plant.

Always use Target Search when enemies are around. It's very easy to forget that this ability exists, so always keep tabs on it when playing Sazabi.

Gundam Evolution - Sazabi mark
Sazabi can mark targets and make them visible through walls Gundam Evolution