Prince William looks like Princess Diana and Princess Charlotte in this lovely photo.

A throwback snap of the Duke of Cambridge was shared on Instagram. In the photo, Prince William looks so handsome in his white and blue collared shirt. The future king appears like a model in the magazine cover.

Many noticed that Prince William looks like his mom Princess Diana and daughter Princess Charlotte in the photo. The majority agreed that the snap is “lovely.”

“Handsome ... I see his Mom in him .. the look on his face,” one wrote.

Another said that Prince William is the spitting image of Princess Diana. Meanwhile, another said that she is seeing Princess Charlotte in Prince William’s photo.

“Same look as Charlotte has for photographers ..brilliant,” the netizen wrote.

“I see his mum and his daughter in him all three have something very special,” a different user stated.

“In this picture beside looking like his mother, I also can see a little part of Harry in him as well,” another royal fan commented.

There is no doubt that Prince William and Princess Charlotte share the same look. Elle also shared a snap of the little princess alongside her father that showcased their identical look. The father and daughter have the same shape of eyes, cute button nose and pointed cupid’s bow atop their lips.

Meanwhile, some believe that Princess Charlotte is Princess Diana’s mini-me. In one photo, royal followers agree that Prince William and Middleton’s only daughter inherited her late grandmother’s look.

“I have been saying - for a while now - that Charlotte is going to look a lot more like Diana than anyone thinks,” one wrote.

“Princess Charlotte is so like her Grandma Princess Diana. She is so beautiful,” another commented.

In related news, aside from getting Prince William’s look, Princess Charlotte also inherited her father’s love for the royal wave. In this clip, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis showed off their skills in doing the royal wave during Trooping the Colour. 

Prince William also showed off his royal wave when he, Prince Harry and Princess Diana visited Sarah Ferguson following Princess Beatrice’s birth. The future king kept on waving before they entered the facility and when they walked toward their car. He couldn’t stop waving, so Princess Diana decided to force his hand inside the vehicle.

Princess Diana, Prince Harry and Prince William Princess Diana, Prince Harry and Prince William gather for the commemorations of VJ Day, on Aug. 19 1995, in London. Photo: Getty Images/Johnny Eggitt