• "Horison Forbidden West" was released in February
  • The game is playable on PS4 and PS5
  • Sony has not yet said anything about the game's post-launch content

"Horizon Forbidden West" DLC rumors are rife online after an actor's tweet seemingly hinted at the possibility of post-launch content currently in development.

"Horizon Forbidden West" has been a major success since it was rolled out in February. However, unlike other major titles, neither Sony nor its developer Guerilla Games did not say anything about its post-launch content.

Expectant fans looking forward to hearing the announcement were overjoyed when "Horizon Forbidden West" star Lance Reddick, who plays the character Sylens, shared a video showing that he has returned to the motion capture studio. In a tweet, which has since been deleted, the actor teased, "Hard at a session for Horizon Forbidden West."

A robotic war elephant in Horizon Forbidden West, shown during Sony's State Of Play
A robotic war elephant in Horizon Forbidden West, shown during Sony's State Of Play Guerilla Games/PS Blog

For many fans, the only reason the actor is back in the studio is for the game's post-launch content currently in development, or at least that's what they hoped. The actor's character plays a crucial role in "Horizon Forbidden West" since Sylens is Aloy's mysterious mentor and ally.

The game offered more backstory about the character's past and how he has crawled his way to reach his goals. Interestingly, at the end of the game, Sylens seemed like he had a change of heart and is now on Earth to aid Aloy against Nemesis.

"Horizon Forbidden West" ended with a cliffhanger, and many fans anticipated that Guerilla Games would release something like post-launch content to tide gamers over until the release of the third series instalment. The first game in the series, "Horizon Zero Dawn," received a story expansion a few months after its official release, and hopeful fans expect the team to do the same for the sequel.

"The Frozen Wilds," which was "Horizon Zero Dawn's" expansion, showed Aloy exploring the Banuk tribe territory. The content features a harsh landscape that proved to be extremely difficult to get through since it is inhabited by deadly machines.

It is worth noting that Lance Riddick's tweet is not an official confirmation of the game's post-launch content. Since it is not yet official, fans should temper their expectations about the game's DLC and take this latest information as highly speculative at this stage.

"Horizon Forbidden West" is currently playable on PlayStation 4 and PS5.