Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle lay ferns and a wreath at the tomb of the Unknown Warrior at the newly unveiled UK war memorial and Pukeahu National War Memorial Park on Oct. 28, 2018, in Wellington, New Zealand. Getty Images/Rosa Woods

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry tricked the public with their Australia tour.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex made their first overseas engagement just months after their royal wedding by visiting Australia, New Zealand, Tonga and Fiji. The said move convinced many that Markle was not pregnant as the Pacific regions were infected with Zika virus which is not safe for pregnant women.

“Obviously if you are a pregnant woman the advice is to be careful because of the risk to the unborn child,” royal correspondent Emily Andrews revealed on “Meghan & Harry: A Royal Baby Story.” “So I thought, she cannot be pregnant.”

Prince Harry and Markle announced that they are expecting their first baby during the said tour. According to Andrews, it was on a loudspeaker and they couldn’t hear it clearly as they were all crowded around the phone. When they understood that the couple is expecting, all of them frantically called their news desk about the announcement.

Meanwhile, Hello! royal editor Emily Nash had a clue about the announcement. She noticed something in Markle that gave her the idea that she’s pregnant.

“She somewhat gave the game away. She was wearing a beautifully tailored Givenchy coat but she had a button undone, which is just something that members of the Royal Family do not tend to do,” Nash explained before adding that many of them were having suspicions about Markle’s pregnancy.

Also, upon arrival to Sydney, when they attended the press briefing for the itinerary and the tour program, they were told that they would be getting a statement from Kensington Palace over the phone.

In related news, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex just announced that they would keep their birth plan a secret. Some netizens understood their decision but others slammed them for wanting privacy when they pay for the privileged life that the couple is enjoying.

There is still no confirmation if baby Sussex has arrived, but Prince Harry and Markle have made a reference to their child for the first time in a post on Instagram recently. The couple is expected to have their second baby very soon.