Zach LaVine Chicago Bulls
Zach LaVine could be shipped but joining the Los Angeles Lakers does not appear feasible for now. Chicago Bulls/Twitter


  • Zach LaVine is said to be contemplating a move to the Lakers
  • The Lakers are unlikely to give up Anthony Davis to acquire LaVine
  • LaVine has threshed out things with DeMar DeRozan

Zach LaVine of the Chicago Bulls has made headlines as of late, someone who appears to have a serious disconnect with head coach Billy Donovan and some stars that include DeMar DeRozan.

A lot of that has to do with the Bulls' lethargic performance so far this season as they tote a 13-18 win-loss record in the Eastern Conference.

However, they appear to have addressed their internal squabbles with Chicago racking up two successive wins as of this writing.

But the big story in the past days was the one where several Bulls players reportedly confronted the two-time All-Star following their loss to the Minnesota Wolves, 150-136.

The internal problems were reported by Joe Cowley and later confirmed by NBC Sports Chicago.

When asked about it, coach Donovan merely replied that "confrontation is healthy."

It was also added that LaVine eventually sat down with DeRozan to thresh things out.

But the fact remains, the Bulls do not appear to be on the same page right now, a reason why NBA trade scenarios are being suggested.

For LaVine, the possibility of moving to the Los Angeles Lakers is up in the air once more.

Sean Devey of Heavy Sports claimed that the two-time NBA Slam Dunk contest winner is keen on moving to LA, but getting it done is a bit complicated.

For one, there is a huge contract that LaVine owns as he signed a five-year, $215 million deal to stay with the Bulls last summer and the Lakers may not have the assets to accommodate those figures.

There is perhaps only one player who can match that–Anthony Davis.

Being a native of Chicago, the 29-year-old big man could be open to joining the Bulls.

However, seeing the Lakers agree to it may not be ideal.

Both play different positions, and losing a center of Davis' ability despite his injury struggles may not be amicable.

Although LaVine is younger than Davis, pundits agree that there is no question that "The Brow" is much more talented and holds a position that not all players can ably fill.

So while a Lakers deal could be done by probably adding a conduit team, LaVine in Hollywood is highly unlikely to go down for now.

Anthony Davis
The Los Angeles Lakers are unlikely to give up Anthony Davis to acquire Zach LaVine from the Chicago Bulls. Getty Images/Christian Petersen