Hulk Hogan Divorce
Hulk Hogan with son Nick, daughter Brooke and now ex-wife Linda. Here they are promoting their reality series "Hogan Knows Best" which aired on VH1.

It is a knock out loss for former pro-wrestler champion Hulk Hogan.

Hogan and ex-wife Linda Bollea have just reached a divorce settlement and the blonde will be walking away with 70 percent of the couples' liquid assets, reports

Linda received 70 percent of the couple's liquid assets, which totals to $7.44 million of the $10.41 million held in bank and investment accounts.

Hulk got the remaining $2.97 million.

Linda also obtained 40 percent ownership and an additional $3 million property settlement.

The two are still disputing over $126,000 that Hulk supposedly owes Linda as payment against revenues garnered by his company last year.

Linda also got to pocket the keys to a Mercedes-Benz, a Cadillac Escalade, a Corvette, a Rolls-Royce and various off-road vehicles.

The couple decided to sell their homes, which included the $13.9 million estate in Belleair, Florida where they filmed their reality show for VH1, Hogan Knows Best.

However, recently reported that the house has been marked down to $8.8 million. When they first listed the house in 2007, Hulk and Linda were asking for $28 million.

The Huffington Post reported that the settlement details were supposed to be confidential but surfaced after the filing was attached to a new motion put into court records.

Hogan will not pay Linda any alimony.

The two married in 1983 and have two children together - Brooke and Nick. Linda filed for divorce in 2007 after reports of Hogan having an affair leaked. Linda then began dating a 19-year-old who was a former classmate of daughter Brooke's.