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Apple iPad 3 Reuters

Tablet computer makers have had a hard time keeping up with Apple's iPad 2, but now Apple will try to outdo itself with the iPad 3 this March. Apple hasn't announced anything yet, but reports out of China show Apple's component suppliers are producing new parts for a March release.

In the U.S., industry analysts and experts predict thee main upgrades, although many others have been touted. A sharper display is one of the most widely anticipated improvements for the iPad 3.

That could indicate Apple is switching to a QXGA 2048 x 1536p resolution display. It would double the resolution of iPad 2, and let the new device produce more lifelike images. Nevetheless, a better way to make tablet displays that are super-sharp and realistic is to increase the pixel density. The iPad 2 has 132 pixels per inch, a number iPad 3 could easily improve on. The iPhone 4S has 326 ppi, for comparison, so iPad 3 could double its ppi over iPad 2.

The other analyst predictions are for a faster device with 4G LTE support. If iPad 3 comes with a 4G LTE radio, which would also likely mean it will have a bigger battery than the iPad 2. Any mobile device running on a similar high-speed broadband network would need powerful batteries, and it's one reason iPhone 4S didn't include 4G LTE speeds.

Powerful batteries tend to be less slim, and tablets, especially Apple's, like to be the thinnest. If the iPad 3 is universally panned in any area, it would likely be the battery life because the issue is by now universal in the tech world. That isn't to say the iPad 2 gets a free pass on battery life, but Apple does say it gets 10 hours of video watching over Wi-Fi.

For processing speed, Apple could opt for improving the iPad 3 CPU, something they did in the iPad-to-iPad 2 upgrade. While the iPad 3 may not come with a quad-core processor, it may still run a little faster. That's especially true if it has a bigger battery because the iPad 2's dual-core processor achieves good speed at minimal battery loss. Look for a March release for the iPad 3.

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