iPhone 5 Release Rumor
iPhone 5 Release Rumor Apple

After Apple's New iPad whirlwind, it's now the turn of iPhone 5 to create ripples in the tech market. The speculated features often range from likely to bizarre, but rumors regarding the release of the latest Apple smartphone are slowly yet strongly gaining traction. The latest speculation about the release of the purported iPhone 5 has it that Apple will unveil its fabled phone in either in June or in October.

Some speculators feel June has more chance to see the release of the phone as Apple will hold the World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) during the first half of the month. Others believe the new phone will come in October, going by Apple's phone release timeline --the Cupertino giant had unveiled iPhone 4S in October last year.

Let's dig a little more to see which month has more chance to see the debut of the most-hyped, and of course the most-awaited, phone of all time, the iPhone 5.

June Release of iPhone 5 - Why That's Likely to Happen

Apple has always been unpredictable when it comes to packing in features and releasing its devices. While last year Apple fanboys were predicting and expecting the release of iPhone 5, Apple released iPhone 4S, a mild upgrade of iPhone 4. This time also, while enthusiasts were expecting to see iPad 3 Apple changed the name of the device and launched it as New iPad.

Similarly, when speculations about the fall release of the phone are rife, Apple might decide to announce the iPhone in June. Some reports from China had recently challenged the fall release date rumors.

According to a report, Foxconn, Apple's No.1 manufacturing partner, is hiring 20,000 more workers at its Taiyuan city-based factory. This factory in northern China will reportedly manufacture more than 80 percent of the next generation iPhone units. The spike in hiring indicates that the company is ramping up the manufacturing process to meet the June deadline.

Earlier, DigiTimes, citing Daiwa Securities, also reported that Apple would launch the next generation iPhone in June.

Moreover, until the release of its last iPhone, Apple had traditionally released all its phones in early summer, with the iPhone 4 and 3GS reaching customers in June and the 3G in early July. Although the company deviated from its release tradition last year, this time it's very likely that Apple abides by its own rule of summer release.

Also, Samsung is all set to release the next iteration of its flagship Galaxy S2, dubbed as Galaxy S3 in March. This Android phone has already been touted as the biggest rival for the upcoming iPhone. Therefore, Apple, instead of giving this phone a chance to play in the market for six months, might roll out the best weapon from its arsenal in June.

Ardent Apple lovers are also ready for the next upgrade, and to them an early upgrade means a better version of Siri, a bigger screen and a 4G LTE support.

October Release of iPhone 5 - Apple's New Strategy

For many experts, the reason why Apple could launch its iPhone 5 in October and not in June is the grand success of its iPhone 4S.

iPhone 4S still has roaring sales and to make most of the sales and give the legendary phone a little more time to capitalize on the success, Apple might postpone the release of iPhone 5 to the fall. Also, strategically Apple would want its shareholders to make maximum profit out of the device. The perfect time for the launch of the new phone will be when sales of 4S face a significant drop.

Japanese blog Macotakara, which cited a scoop from an Asian reliable source, reported that Apple will unveil its next iPhone in September or October and that the company will maintain the same launch cycle in the coming years, offering each new iPhone at least one-year life.

Also, with the launch of iPad 3, Apple would want their loyalists to get enough leeway to be able to afford the next device. Also, according to market reviews, smartphones that get released closer to Christmas sell more in that season.

Whatever the month maybe, Apple iPhone 5 is certainly going to be a big release for the company. The anticipation and expectations around the device are going far above the ground. Apple is expected to stick to its 3.5-inch display size but will include LTE and a new dock plug. The phone might also be slimmer or have a metal back with rubber or plastic material along the sides to bridge the front and back of the device.