No iPhone 4S
No iPhone 4S Reuters

An old Chinese woman with bunch of empty beer bottles was stopped at the Sha Tau Kok border between Hong Kong and Shenzhen for smuggling more than 200 iPhone 4S devices into China, inside the bottles.

Chinese custom officials at the Sha Tau Kok border caught the woman who claimed that she was taking empty beer bottles for recycling.

While checking the bottles, the officers reportedly felt suspicious because some of the bottles weighed a little more than their actual weight.

However, when the officers got a closer look inside the bottle they discovered a thin line gap and some taping in the middle part of the bottle. The beer bottles were cut in half to upload the iPhones in it and then taped up, according to MIC Gadget.

When the officers untaped all the bottles, they found out 216 new iPhones 4/4s sets, three to a 750ml bottle.

Although it is not clear whether the old lady has been charged or not, the police has seized all 216 new iPhones.

Last October, there were reports that in China smugglers used gas cylinders to smuggle cell phones in and out of the country.

The smugglers used to cross the Sha Tau Kok border pretending to be gas company employees on tricycles to transport household gas six cylinders to Shenzhen.

The Chinese customs officers at the Sha Tau Kok border were suspicious and checked all the gas cylinders. The officers found out that two cylinders were a bit heavier than the others. After x-ray scanning, the officers found out that a number of phones, mainly Samsung and Sony Ericsson, were transported into China hidden inside gas cylinders.

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