Some call the winter 2011 Jameson Whiskey commercial rear and great. Others don't share the same view, as they are a bit concerned that the commercial showcases a company whose heir, James Jameson, reportedly bought an 11-year old girl whom he offered to to cannibals to be killed, cooked and eaten so that he could sketch it.

The real Mr. Jameson purchased a child to have it cooked and eaten, Katie Brooker wrote on her Twitter page. Why isn't that in the commercial?

Brooker added a Google book link to a book by Tim Jeal titled Stanley: the impossible life of Africa's greatest explorer of which page 356 describes in detail that Jameson made sketches of the girl being stabbed to death, dismembered, cooked, and eaten.

The Jameson Irish Whiskey - The Hawk of Achill commercial is centered around the a legend that stated that the Hawk of Achill terrorized Ireland for centuries. The hawk one day took a village girl and no one did anything. They thought the incident was tragic. Then the hawk ended up taking a barrel of Jameson whiskey and that was another matter.

A generous Jameson then set out to trap the greedy hawk by putting a man in an empty whiskey barrel with the mission to retrive the stolen barrel of whiskey. The hawk fell for the trick and brought the man back to its far-away nest where the stolen barrel of whiskey was found and the young woman was still alive. The Hawk didn't want to give up the barrel of whiskey and it swooped down on the man only to end up being killed and it became the village's dinner.

This is a great commercial, one YouTube viewer wrote in the comments section underneath the video. I always see the posters on the subway.

A? rare great commercial, another added.

But some commenters weren't as pleased.

So when the hawk takes the daughter of the mason, nobody does anything, one commenter wrote. But when the hawk takes a barrel of whiskey,? John Jameson goes and gets it back. Taking the woman was tragic, but taking whiskey was greedy? So whiskey is of more importance than women?

The commercial has resulted in James Jameson's name being trending search topic.

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